Looking for the strands of history

Rahmanudin  & Melati, 1985
Rahmanudin & Melati, 1985
Rahmanudin  & Melati, dais and wedding gifts, 1985
Rahmanudin & Melati, dais and wedding gifts, 1985

We were trying to look for THE chair for our dais (the pelamin), and there were none that really stood out for us, even after looking at various designer chairs (we were even considering the Barcelona Chair, eek). Then, I remembered looking through pictures of my parents' wedding when I was young and being reminded of  the chair that adorn the dais at my parents wedding and that image has somehow stuck. The white, intricate, wrought-iron chairs that graced the verandahs and balconies of families in the 1980s was the chair that my late grandmother bought when she first moved into her HDB flat in Bedok; it was the chair that made its presence in her garden oasis balcony; it was the chair that she always sat down every morning after watering her plants with a cigarette in her hands; it was the chair that made its appearance at my parents wedding and it was the chair that reminded me of her.

Looking through the old pictures, I appreciated the simplicity and the Malay elegance of the dais and it is exactly what we hope our wedding will be, simple and elegant.

So, we were hoping that the chairs was still around, unfortunately, those exact chairs were thrown away a couple of months ago before it came to our attention but as fate would have it (just like so many things in our relationship), we stumbled upon the exact chairs and its family of garden chairs at another location and we were utterly excited! We hope to be able to get them for the wedding.  

Meanwhile, planning for the wedding which is less than 6 months away has been moving along and it seems that there is always something to be sorted out every week.

Amidst all the planning and errands, it has been a journey of self-reflection and of expectations and responsibilities of being a daughter, a sister, a woman and a soon to be a wife. It is not easy, but it is a journey that we have decided to take and I can never be more excited. For this is only the beginning, I am truly grateful for my family that has always wanted the best for me. Till next time