Although the question was popped in November 2012, it was not until 5pm on the 13th January of 2013 that the families met for the traditional engagement proceedings. Politely crafted words were exchanged between the wakil (representatives) from both families and the general details of the engagement such as dowry and dates were confirmed. It was all smooth and was largely a formal nod to malay traditions and with the gifts exchanged, my auntie, Cik Nani had the honour of slipping the engagement ring into the dainty fingers of Mizah. 

Families exchanged introductions, memories were captured on multiple cameras, food filled the tummies and families abroad also joined in the fun through Skype, Facebook and more. 

It was beautiful to see the families mingling in the simple and humble event that marked the beginning of the merging of two lives into one. Truly a blessed beginning to our journey towards matrimony.