On the topic of Us

Adib Jalal is the man with a plan.

A hipster in denial, a designer with too many side projects and the lecturer with a laid-back attitude, Adib wants to one day own a lightsaber and pretend that he is a Jedi knight.


Mizah Rahman is the lady of the house.

She is a hopeless romantic with impeccable taste for all things girly and a special affinity for polka dots. She wants a brown pet rabbit so that she can call it Brownie.




Q: Why build a website for your wedding?


A: This is our way of keeping our family members who are based overseas up to date on our wedding. We also cannot afford to invite everyone to our wedding but we want to share our joy with every one that we know and a website seems to be the perfect answer.

At the same time, we want this website to become a digital record of our journey together where perhaps one day, we can dust the cobwebs off the site and show our children how their folks did it in 2013.


Q: When is your wedding?


A: 18.08.2013



Q: How do I get invited to your wedding?


A: There is actually a sorting hat that does all the work for us. Rumor has it that it's generally limited to the closest family members and friends that we hold dearest to us.

updated December 2013


Q: Now that the wedding is over, what happens to the website?


A: We are going to keep this as a memory of the wedding. 



Q: I have a question about (insert topic here). How do I contact you?


A: If you already know us before this, contact us like you always do. Else, email adib.and.mizah@gmail.com and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.