The Solemnization Ceremony

10am – 12pm


Seating of guests & families

Welcome greeting

Entrance of Groom and his entourage

Entrance of Bride and her entourage

Entrance of Bride's father and Naib Kadi (Officiate)

Giving of Mahr

Opening Sermon by Officiate, Ustaz Yazid

Akad Nikah

Signing of official papers

Gratitude prayers by the Groom

Breaking the ablution & exchange of rings

Presentation of Couple at the Dias

Feast and Merriment

1pm - 6pm


Welcome greetings

First entrance of Bride & Groom with Kompang accompaniment

Phototaking with family members

Live Performances by Nabillah, Aiman & Friends

Second entrance of Bride and Groom  

Cake-cutting ceremony

Thank you speech by Bride & Groom  

Phototaking with guests

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