Today, we are thankful and grateful for the amazing day that we had on 18th August 2013 and for the future that it ushered in.

To our parents, nenek, brothers and sisters, thank you for bringing us to this day with all your love in whatever form it may take.  To our uncles and aunties who have treated us like their own children, we are extremely grateful and thankful for all that you've done for us and we will forever be indebted to all of you. To our cousins, all of you have done so much for us and we love all of you.

To the families who came from abroad, we thank you for making the journey to be with us today. Similarly to our other families by blood and by choice, we appreciate your gift of being present with us on our wedding under the trees.

To our friends from all over who have contributed to so many aspects of this wedding, we will always remember how much you've helped us made this day possible. To the friends and colleagues who are also here to share our joy, we couldn't be more glad that you were there with us. 

And once again, our deepest gratitude to all of you for helping and being a part of this occasion. 

Love,  Adib & Mizah

Wedding Planner

Jasmine Choo

Floral Designer

Ong Sheng Hua (Osh), Studio Osh

Identity & Graphics

Graphic Designer: Oh Wenxin

Invites & Favours printing by: Alvin Yew, First Printers

Wedding Decor

Concept design by: Adib, Mizah, Osh

Selected props from: The Wedding ChateauEvents Partners

Special thanks to: Bjorn, Rob of Edible Gardens

Traditional dulang decor: Nyayi Rabiah, Uncle Jani & Bibik Nani

Outfits & Styling

Wedding Gown & Suit designer: Mel Chen, Caramel & Co

Traditional Wedding Outfits by: SL Fashion (Kak Salmah) 

Makeup & Hair by: Joy Tan, The Style Atelier


Catering: Islamic Restaurant

Wedding Cake: Crummb

Cupcake Bar: Creamson Bakery

Ice-cream: Scoopy's and Cream

Sandwiches from: Delifrance

Wedding Favours

Design by: Adib & Mizah

Suppliers:  Allerines Tea , Walson Food Distributors

Photography & Video

Photographer: Zakaria Zainal, Zakaria Weddings

Videographer: Ziqq Says Hello

Emcee & Music

Emcees; Zaki Manan & Suhailah Jasni

Music: Nabillah Jalal, Aiman Rahmanudin, Terence, Bei Qin, Rachel, Max

Kompang & Silat: Sharif, Zul & friends  

Special Thanks

 Special Assistant: Nadira Seah;

Mizah's Bridesmaids: Diong Fuhan, Nur Naadirah, Regina Yeo, Jan Lim, Maryam, Aisha Azhari, Becki; 

Adib's Groomsmen: Victor Lin, Zulnizan, Ridzwan Jasni, Salihin, Alif Seah, Norman Jalal, Sadi;

Paige Boys: Luthfi, Irfan, Nabil, Danish Arfan;


Nenek,  Mama & Papa, Mak & Ayah;

Mak Teh, Mak Pe'ah,Pak & Mak Busu, Kak Ita, Luqman, Zain, Ridza, Abg Wan & Kak Eli, Alex ; 

Mak Long, Cik Pau, Cik Milah, Cik Kiah, Kak Az, Nadiah, Ain, Aishah, Ratna, Ilyas

and everyone else who have shared this journey with us. It has only just begun.